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Leg banging!!

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Sun1983 Mon 19-Sep-16 20:55:19

Iv found a few small threads on this but no answers other than its normal!
So my little boy is 7.5month now but since he was about 3 month he has always raised his legs up in the air while asleep and Slammed them down with a thud over and over again. Well the last few weeks it's worse, it's constant ALL through the night legs up BANG back down. He/we sometimes get the odd 20 minute break but then off he goes again. His eyes are still shut. But occasionally he wakes himself up. He's still in our room in his cot. But so were all able to get some sleep I've started giving in around 2am and bringing him in bed where if I cuddle him in he goes straight back off and not a peep out of him till he wants to move! I'm starting to worry something could be wrong

Mawsymoo Mon 19-Sep-16 22:35:48

Both of my DC did this a lot but stopped once they started rolling onto their tummies to sleep around 4 months (they are determined tummy sleepers ever since). It's really annoying to listen to especially when you know they're eventually going to wake themselves up. I always felt it was some sort of comfort thing and I really wouldn't worry about it - if taking him into bed helps then I'd just continue to do that - that's if you're not tempted to move him into his own room?

Sun1983 Tue 20-Sep-16 08:04:09

Iv thought about it but the dummy is in and out all night and the only way to get him back to sleep is holding his little hand and its much easier him being right next to me. I love having him next to me I'm not sure I'm ready ha. I mean the leg banging etc still happens while he's up in the room on his own before we go to bed. But yes I no eventually he will need to be in his room

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