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Leaving the bedroom at bedtime! Help - my nearly 4 year old

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milkyman Mon 19-Sep-16 19:25:57

My ds bedtime is getting longer and longer. I used to do it in thirty mins but it has just been 1.5 hours! Had a lovely bath, stories but then the tears when i leave! I have a five month old who needs to be put to bed too and the longer it goes on the harder it gets. I do bedtimes on my own.

lukeymom Mon 19-Sep-16 19:53:58

My son is 4 and I have always held his hand at bedtime. I read him a story,then he might have a decidedly toy to hold or a small toy like a car.I then dim the light and sit there until he goes to sleep.He normally falls to sleep in 10-15 mins. The only time it took about an hour was when he already had a nap a few hours before. So try holding his hand to comfort him and suggest a toy to hold.If he don't feel comforted then he will have trouble sleeping.

PenelopeChipShop Mon 19-Sep-16 20:54:52

I could have written the OP! I wish I had the answer. My 4 year old always wants me to stay until he's asleep and I have a 5mo baby.

I really want to set up a nice bedtime routine for her but she basically just comes along for his bath and bedtime (sometimes she shares the bath) then conks out on my boob while I'm singing to him.

I feel like I'm getting her into the same bad habits that I never trained him out of. So no advice but at least now you know there's someone in the same boat!

PS when I have the energy I put her in the cot in her room and basically shuffle between the two bedrooms trying to get one or both of them to settle on their own... This has worked only once but I live in hope!!

ZuzaPa Tue 20-Sep-16 08:14:59

I tell my 2 year old after were finished our routine, mammy needs a cup of tea now, ill be bk in 5 minutes to give you a kiss, when I go bk shes always gone. Maybe try some form of that. Also ive learned, EVERYTHING is a phase, it will get better!

Believeitornot Tue 20-Sep-16 08:23:14

Get some relaxing stories for them to listen to. We use lori lite (?) relaxation stories (angry octopus, sea otter cove). They're read by someone with an American accent which you might find cringe but the DCs love them. So lights out, and we put a couple on. You can then work on leaving for five minutes at a time.

He might be feeling left out because you're settling the baby elsewhere so he feels missed out. Can't you put baby down first?

Or put baby in his room?

Believeitornot Tue 20-Sep-16 08:24:00

(My two share a room - boy and girl ages 6&4)

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