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what's the most embarrassing thing your dc has done/said in public!?

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hazebaze87 Mon 19-Sep-16 14:36:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JoandMax Mon 19-Sep-16 14:41:18

When DS1 was learning to wee standing up he decided a great place to perfect it was in the queue in Sainsburys.......... I was busy sorting baby DS2 and then heard loud laughing, turned round and he was mid wee all proud "look Mummy, a standing up wee wee"!!!!! Fortunately everyone around us found it funny but I was absolutely mortified!

wtafamidoinginlife Mon 19-Sep-16 14:59:03

Not what she said but her actions. Was at a cousins wedding. A lady dared to talk to my then 2 year old (who has the attitude of a 13 year old). Well, she looked her up and down with a face showing her true disgust, then spun round and walked off! Had to admit, she takes after me a wee bit blush

redannie118 Mon 19-Sep-16 15:12:14

Ds was three years old and part of his nursery was shut off as they were building an extension. We walked past the site entrance one day when the building inspector stepped out who just happened to be a Sikh gentleman with a red turban. "Look mummy it's a genie! " lovely man smiled,but I was still mortified
Same Ds 9 years old stood in Sainburys, picked up a copy of Lord of the Rings and shouted look mum it's that good film withat Dildo Bagging in !!!"

iklboo Mon 19-Sep-16 15:20:37

We were at a Sikh wedding (former pupil of DH) and we're all waiting for the entrance of the bride & groom. DS, who was about 4 at the time, decided he needed the loo.

DH discreetly took him out of the back of the room. Five minutes later, just as the happy couple come in the front of the room, DS reappears from the back and shouts at the top of his voice

'it's ok mummy I didn't need a poo after all. I just did a big smelly trump'.

ImogenTubbs Mon 19-Sep-16 15:35:12

I was at home looking after DD who was off nursery with something contagious, but was feeling otherwise pretty normal. I had to do a conference call with work to brief my team on something I needed them to cover for me while I was out.

We were in the middle of potty training so I just put the potty in the living room for DD to use if she needed to, and lo and behold, she sits down and gets on with it. I manage to silently wipe her bum while going over the finer points of some client deadline when DD announces, "Look Mummy, I did a wee wee AND a poop!" I smile and carry on talking down the phone, but she is so proud she wants a reaction and comes closer shouting, "LOOK MUMMY! I DID A WEE WEE AND A POOP!" She kept saying it right in my face until I acknowledged her with a "Well done, darling". I was on speaker phone to six people, including my director. blush

whifflesqueak Mon 19-Sep-16 15:39:40

my two year old's favourite role play game is rushing about looking harassed and muttering "fucksake".

Soon2bC Mon 19-Sep-16 15:47:07

Man came out of a shop swearing, my then 3yr old DS said loud and proud.... That man said fuck mummy, fuck is a bad word, I don't say fuck because I am good mummy and fuck is a bad word. why do people say fuck all the time it is not nice to say fuck that is why I wont say fuck mummy it is bad. he shouldn't say fuck.

I was stunned into silence as was the lovely elderly lady standing next to us!

Moonrocks6 Mon 19-Sep-16 16:05:31

Not mine but a friend of mine.
Friend is very anti swearing and Qaeda quite 'proper' in the way that she behaves.
One day in waitrose she was at the till will her DD age 3. Little one was holding a packet of biscuits which she dropped and they rolled across the floor.

"Oh what a cunt" shouts DD loudly as the stomps across the floor to pick them up.

Friend was mortified! grin

hazebaze87 Mon 19-Sep-16 20:02:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

beela Tue 20-Sep-16 14:17:56

When DS was about 2 we were getting changed in a little cubicle at the swimming pool, when he decided he would give me some encouragement: 'Ooh, Mummy, you are very good at pulling your pants down!'.

And about a year later, in Sainsburys (defo something in the air there)... just wandering around the clothes aisle when he disappeared, and returned a minute later with a MASSIVE lacy bra, yelling 'Mummy!! This would be good for your BOOBS!'


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