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Bruises on my daughters legs!! What will the school think?

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Nikki2ol6 Mon 19-Sep-16 12:28:17

Yesterday was a hot day and we were at a relatives in the garden all day and my children were playing on a water slide.... the kind you run and dive on to your tummy and slide along. We also got a normal slide and put it at the top of the water slide so my daughter was having great fun going down the slide and sliding all the way along the water slide. She was going down on her tummy and her bum then trying to run up the slide and slipping. Today she's wearing a skirt for school and I notice her shins and knees are all bruised from yesterday!!! It looks a bit exsessive but is understandable from the things she done yesterday!! Will the school think anything of a lot of bruises on a child's shins and knees??

gallicgirl Mon 19-Sep-16 12:30:16

Nope. They might ask her how she got them but I doubt it will be a concern. They start asking serious questions when they see bruises to the torso or buttocks.

Mummamayhem Mon 19-Sep-16 12:30:47

I hope they don't think much because my 4yo DD are always covered in bruises! I loose track of what she's climbed on, fallen from or scraped. (And she's no trouble, good as gold, just a bit active!)

Mummamayhem Mon 19-Sep-16 12:31:34

Her knees and legs I mean

PinkSwimGoggles Mon 19-Sep-16 12:33:09

shins and knees - no concerns
children are supposed to have multiple bruises from ankle to knee.
I would be more concerned if a child doesn't have bruises there!

AidingAndAbetting Mon 19-Sep-16 12:34:20

Generally, bruises on knees and shins don't ring alarm bells, simply because they are so easily caused by normal play. In my school, we would ask her how she got them but not take it any further if the explanation was reasonable. We would be much more concerned by bruises to the trunk as these are more likely to indicate abuse.

Bumbumtaloo Mon 19-Sep-16 12:36:16

My eldest DD is ALWAYS covered in bruises, for a long time I was worried what people would think. Only once has anyone commented, saying xxxxx you have lots of bruises - it was a supply teacher my DD turned to answer her and preceded to fall over her own feet and land in a heap on the floor! The teacher then said I can see why grin

Nikki2ol6 Mon 19-Sep-16 12:38:48

Thank you everyone lol just seen when I seen how covered her legs were I thought oh my word what will her teacher think!!! She's 7 and would easily tell them about the water slide she jumped down and tried to climb but kept falling

Shootingstar2289 Mon 19-Sep-16 12:47:33

Bruising on shins and knees are very common in children when they are busy playing. I wouldn't worry!

I remember being worried sick about my child going to school once. My son got a bruise between his legs towards the top and I was so worried as obviously not so easy to bruise between your legs. Anyway, I mentioned it to his teacher and told them how it happened (zip wire at the adventrue park a couple days before) and they were fine.

Gizlotsmum Mon 19-Sep-16 12:55:00

Oh my two are forever bruised. As others have said knee to ankle all pretty normal.

ayeokthen Mon 19-Sep-16 12:57:03

I think schools only get concerned if the bruises are clearly from abuse (finger marks etc) or in atypical places, like the torso, back of the legs, neck and stuff. My kids are always black and blue from the knees down in summer from playing out and nursery and school have never mentioned it.

Gileswithachainsaw Mon 19-Sep-16 12:58:08

My dds legs are always bruised . She's like me she wakes up with a new one every day....

No one's ever said anything

Nikki2ol6 Mon 19-Sep-16 13:11:34

Thank you everyone you have really calmed me down lol

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