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Meal time battle

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MerylPeril Sun 18-Sep-16 21:16:16

Have had a horrible evening with DD refusing to eat something she sometimes eats (curry) - in the past she has even eaten the whole thing and loved it

Tonight none of it, big strop, no pudding, then tears because she is 'starving' but refusing toast as she's now decided she doesn't like toast also

Sometimes she improves with food for a while and then goes backwards.
I dread holidays and eating out - she only ever wants pizza

On top of that she is coeliac so is already on a restricted diet

Has anyone got any tips - I'm not strict, I don't make her clear her plates, I'm happy if she tries and makes an effort - and she just gets worse.
I want her to enjoy food and eating out and trying new things - I'm exhausted

She would live off beans and pizza given the chance

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