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First night out after having DD problems

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Mummyhug Sun 18-Sep-16 12:06:37

My DD Is now 20 weeks old and me and DH were planning on a night out soon with our friends who have also recently had a baby just a few weeks younger than our DD.
Now I haven't been feeling too good about myself since having DD, so I was really looking forward to having my hair cut, getting dressed up nice and doing my make up for a change. Not only that but I was looking forward to a relaxing night off with DH too. My friend has been getting ready for this night out with hair cuts and nails done, shopping spree for new clothes etc and I was just waiting for pay day to start my pampering myself.
The problem I have is that my DD is very attached to me and DH. She's very happy tonne in the company of other people but as soon as anybody takes her for a cuddle she SCREAMS! Then as soon as she comes back to us she instantly calms down.
The grandparents that we have asked to babysit see her several times a week so it's not like they're strangers but I am scared to death to leave her! And they are also worried that they won't be able to handle her.
What do I do? I really just want to cancel the whole night at the minute sad

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