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3 year old naps

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giantcar Sat 17-Sep-16 13:47:58

My DS has recently started full day nursery. He doesn't nap during the day and goes to bed at 6:30pm and is up at 6:15am in the morning. However, on the weekend he is exhausted and by 12 noon wants a nap (cries and cries over everything). How long should I let him nap, and what time should I put him to bed?

Artandco Sat 17-Sep-16 13:50:14

Just let him nap as long as he needs? I don't get the whole waking a child from a nap, if they are tired let them sleep.

At 3 mine usually napped 1-3 roughly, but would sometimes do 1-4/5pm depending on how tired they were

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