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Terrible anxiety about leaving my baby to go back to work

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Sun1983 Fri 16-Sep-16 19:38:20

Hi. As above really. I'm not even due to go back until January and I'm annoying myself more that I'm chewing so much about it now and spoiling my mat leave. I'm just getting more and more clingy the closer it's getting. I try to leave him with my own mam for a few hours here and there. He's 7 month Atm will be 10 month when I'm bk to work. I can't bring myself to leave him with my mil we've had a few run ins lately but I no she will love and take care of him (having him 1day a week) and the thought of the childminder omg ha as much as I'm really happy with her etc.
Do you think I should force myself to let my mam and mil have him on there own more...would this be better for my LB at this point? Or should I enjoy my time with him and wait till nearer the time? I ultimately will do what's going to best for him over how I'm feeling if course...

ateapotandacake Fri 16-Sep-16 21:27:27

Ah it is hard. Is going back your only option? I really worried but it was actually fine. Enjoy your time with him and don't worry too much about forcing yourself to leave him until you need to. I cried all the way to work after I dropped him off, it was hard but it got easier very quickly and it's nice to be back now. And it makes our days together more special. It makes me happy to think maternity leave was a lovely lovely time for the two of us, the only time really we will ever spend so much time just as a two.

RitchyBestingFace Fri 16-Sep-16 21:32:42

You don't need to do any practice runs at leaving them - babies adapt very quickly to being with their new carer - a week's settling in time will be fine. Spend as much time as possible with your baby while you are on ML.

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