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Fussy eating 15 month old - only eats bread

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mummarichardson Fri 16-Sep-16 17:50:01

So my son was such a fantastic eater from being weaned to 11 months old bar when he is ill. I predominantly did puréed food and a bit of blw. He is fine with a breakfast of fruit and yoghurt but always the same things - have tried loads of new fruits and other alternatives and he refuses to try it or does and spits it straight out. He will eat lunch really well but again it's the same things as he wont try anything new. Then dinner is a nightmare, even the familiar things he won't eat, let alone try anything new. He does eat sausages and chicken and that's it! I feel like he can't be getting half the nutritional goodness that he should be and as a fairly health conscious person it does worry me and frankly at wits end! Have tried loads of Pinterest tricks to get him to eat veg, not interested one bit no matter how creative. He still has two bottles a day in morning and evening and will have a cracker or biscuit after nap and only drinks water. Any advice or miracles would be greatly received! I do try and stay chilled when he doesn't eat what I put in front of him but he has started waking early and I think it's hunger as he drains his bottle.

allthecarbs Fri 16-Sep-16 17:53:42

I'd start gently introducing things along the lines of what he likes, so if he likes bread I'd give him a sandwich with a tiny bit of grated cheese, or peanut butter etc.

It's a long game though so you really do need a lot of patience.
Would he eat a pasta bake or something similar? I find sauces easy to hide veg in until they are at an age where I can bribe them.

Pixie2015 Fri 16-Sep-16 18:05:11

My son was exactly the same ate everything till about 18m then went bread / toast and pizza focussed. We again gave little bits of different pizza toppings and sandwiches with different fillings. We never fussed and at 3 when started nursery copied others and ate everything given. Now age 8 he will eat anything except chips/potatoes so can't complain x

MrsDc7 Fri 16-Sep-16 18:09:02

I read that as 'puréed food and a bit of blow' Genuinely concerned for a second there grin I have exactly the same problem with my son. Try not to worry too much, they all go through this phase. If you are worried then give him daily vitamins... I give mine Abidec xx

FriendlyGhost Fri 16-Sep-16 18:16:05

My daughter was very similar except she won't eat bread and just wanted peas, broccoli and tomato. I went through a phase of tearing my hair out but she suddenly started eating well just over a month ago. She is 21 months now. She's suddenly a lot more interested in trying things and although is still fussy I can get a decent meal down her now. I find that for lunch she eats better on the go. If I sit her down she won't touch a thing. So squeezy yoghurts, babybel, cucumber batons etc. For dinner I find that starting off with small portions helps. They can always have more but a large portion can be overwhelming. Have you tried the Annabel karmel hidden veg sauce on pasta? Also simple things like beans and scrambled egg are popular and it's not so distressing if they're wasted. I think the main thing is patience and time. My sister apparently survived on bread and cheese for a good year and now at over 30 has a good varied diet. It's just a phase!

FriendlyGhost Fri 16-Sep-16 18:26:07

Oh and no doubt he'll like to show you up so meet up with some friends, tell them loudly how fussy he is and then watch him inhale a plate of vegetables wink

SheepyFun Fri 16-Sep-16 18:34:01

My DD was never keen on solids (she used to vomit to get food out of her mouth), and I used to be really stressed about it. Her eating is still, how shall I put this, unusual, and she'd happily exist entirely on milk even now (she's 3.5). Milk contains a good range of vitamins (though cow's milk doesn't have iron - if your DS is eating chicken, that'll help) - we use toddler formula. The thing that has changed is I've managed to stop stressing about it. DD is a good size, and developmentally normal - if your son is, you probably don't need to worry.

mummarichardson Fri 16-Sep-16 18:58:44

Thank you all, I feel better now hearing your stories. I guess because I am such a believer in good nutrition I have let myself become stressed. Have tried all the hidden veg stuff but he won't even eat pasta, even reverted to all the shop bought waffles, smiley faces etc and still won't eat it. There is one meal I can get him to eat a few mouthfuls of which has lots of hidden veg in and he will eat banana and raspberries so guess that's some vitamins! Will just try and chill and wave the ride of this phase I guess! smile

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