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Isofix Carseat - head going forward while sleeping

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ACubed Fri 16-Sep-16 12:07:56

Hi All,
When my six month old sleeps in the new carseat (MaxiCosi Isofix) his head falls forward a bit, is this OK at this age?
It really scares me and I sit in the back and check he keeps breathing, not sure if the car seat is in wrong or if I'm just being over-the-top about it. I'm a first time mum, not usually too anxious but the head thing terrifies me.
He's going out with just my partner later and I'm a bit nervous.

ODog Sat 17-Sep-16 21:09:25

DS has been a head flipper from very young. I reluctantly turned him forward facing a few months ago when he turned 2 which has helped a bit. I also bought a little neck cushion by trunki which also helps but I think your DC will be too young for it. It's not ideal but it seems some kids just fall asleep like that. DD doesn't and she is using the same seat as DS had. Just be vigilant and keep an eye on it.

timeforsomethingnewithink Sat 17-Sep-16 21:12:54

Sounds like your car seat has a poor recline. Is it one you can also fit with a seatbelt? If so might be worth trying as sometimes you get a better recline without a base. Car seat advice for mummies and daddies on Facebook is a great page for advice, although it can take a day or two to get your post published. Head cushions etc generally aren't recommended.

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