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Kids and work

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Raeesa101 Thu 15-Sep-16 21:06:48

I have two kids a 3.5year old and a 10month old baby. I went to back to work last week. Currently I work part time so I do 3 days a week. And im just struggling so much.

I wake up at half 5-6 get toddlers lunch ready and baby's milk and nursery bag. Make her wake up bottle get ready make my lunch and out of the door by 7. Hubby dresses kids and drops them to nursery. That's all fine it's the pick up until they get to bed.
They're both in different nurseries and that's difficult but I'm so reluctant to move toddler to my younger ones nursery as he really loves his nursery. They won't accept babies under 3 hence I have two seperate pick ups and when I finish at 5 I don't get home till almost 7. Then it's supper and bath and bed time and they're both over tired they both want my attention and when they're all finally asleep I have to clean up the tip in the house and cook for the next day and i just can't do it. I feel like my heads about t explode I get mad at the kids I get mad at husband who does do all the morning stuff but is never home from work until 9 and I just feel rubbish at the end of the day.

I keep telling myself it's only 3 days a week but I feel so guilty. On Mat leave I made time to read to my toddler I did stuff and now I just feel im neglecting him and im a bad mum who is literally going into survival mode.

I don't even know if this makes sense because im so exhausted and I can't see how this can get better. Please tell me how this can get better.

I've done all the usual stuff
Cut my hours at work to the minimum they will allow
I've got a cleaner once a week to do the deeper cleaning stuff but I have to do the every day tidy up and cook and laundry which currently hasn't been done and im worried they're going to run out of clothes
I try and prep a lot of meals before I go back to work for the 3 days.
So I honestly believe im ontop of it and then suddenly im at work and those 3 days turn into utter chaos. What am I doing wrong. sad

KatyN Thu 15-Sep-16 21:57:09

We found nursery days were chaos when my son started. He only went one day a week because we both work part time but dinner always had to be something from the freezer, laundry etc didn't get touched, probably wouldn't even tidy up that much.
I would scrub bath time on a nursery day, dinner is super easy either a left over from the freezer or fish fingers and chips and make sure you have done washing on the days you are home (or buy special nursery cheap clothes that are only for those three days).
Have you spoken to the older one about moving nursery?? He might be up for it if his little brother is there too??
Are your three days in a row? It might help to spread them out in the week so you have a day to recover and the children to not be so tired?


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