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Eat sleep nappy repeat

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fruityb Thu 15-Sep-16 18:06:31

I realise my DS is only three weeks old but I'm just wondering if this is how it should be! He feeds every four hours or so and sleeps in between. Nights are generally good and he goes back down after his night feed.

I talk to him and sing to him in the day and wave some toys around but he usually then just cries till his feed and sleeps again! He's getting more alert but not for long. He has bottles for the most part with some top ups between. He can really cry when due a feed, will just wail when he'd been silent before!

Is this it for now? I'm not complaining I just want to be sure this is right! I'm trying not to let him sleep too much in evenings before bed time, but I'm just going with what he demands really. OH is at work full time now and I want to keep things as routine as I can.

Thanks for any advice!

JedRambosteen Thu 15-Sep-16 18:10:58

Sounds about right for 3 weeks. More interesting stuff will start to happen soon, but the crying also gets louder as their lungs get bigger. As in so much parenting, every leap forward is balanced with a new parenting challenge. Enjoy this stage. wink

Ifailed Thu 15-Sep-16 18:14:20

Oh god, I remember! Save the singing, talking and waving for later, at 3 weeks his brain is still growing and has no idea what you are up to. I'm afraid he's the 'boss' for a little while, but it will change. Promise.

fruityb Thu 15-Sep-16 18:15:16

Should I not let him sleep as much to make sure he sleeps at night? I'm really conscious of this because I can sleep in the day when he does and snatch naps here and there, but OH has to go to work and I really want him to get as full a night as he can.

I think I'm going to bring DS downstairs and sleep on the sofa tonight so OH can get his head down. DS was awake between 3 and 5 and then awake at 7. He did go back to sleep but unfortunately OH then overslept!

lostindubai Thu 15-Sep-16 18:16:33

You could try a baby sensory class if you've got one nearby. They are tailored to catch the interest of even very young babies. If you feel like going out and about yet of course!

Bellyrub1980 Thu 15-Sep-16 18:19:12

All babies are different, but in my experience, my daughter had no concept of night or day at that age and I literally allowed her to sleep as much as she liked. By 6 weeks I had to 'work' at her naps a bit more with rocking/jiggling etc. Eventually she started sleeping for longer periods at night, but she still slept a lot in the day. In fact, the more 'rested' she was in general, the better she slept at night. I think because she was calmer. In fact, I never denied her a nap or actively kept her awake.

fruityb Thu 15-Sep-16 18:20:35

I can get out and about, though not driven yet after c section and still don't feel I can lift his car seat with him in it yet. I will look into one of those thank you. He was 9lb 4 when born and was over ten when they weighed him 9 days ago. He's a big lad so likes his milk. He's amazing and I'm doing fine with him I think, but I just feel that everything is in pursuit of sleep at the moment. If that's right then great, I know he's only a little tyke and there's not a lot he can do at the moment. He is quite alert but he isn't sitting awake and liking it at the moment - he tends to just cry when he realises he's not asleep lol

oldlaundbooth Thu 15-Sep-16 18:22:20

Sounds about right - love your mantra!

fruityb Thu 15-Sep-16 18:28:38

That is currently every day! I have been out for a walk with him and we went out with OH for lunch, and I'm sure we'll get out somewhere this weekend when OH isn't at work.

You know when you think there's other stuff you should be doing or that he should be doing or that should be changing... I love him so much and am quite content just looking at him, but I'm wary of letting him sleep all the time in case he then won't at night and OH is knackered for work. I know I'd also be knackered for looking after DS but I can snatch sleep in the days where he can't.

Overthinking - I've been at home since end of July and haven't had much else to do as have spent a lot of time on my own! DS is now content in his swing watching the lights on there. Farting as well.

mellowyellow1 Thu 15-Sep-16 18:37:30

Sounds about right to me. Just enjoy the chill out time! I never woke DD at that age as apparently sleep encourages more sleep so that's what we went with..

nic266uk Thu 15-Sep-16 19:49:14

Babies have no concept of day and night at 3 weeks old, my DD slept through from 8 weeks and my DS was 7 weeks I've been very lucky on that front but all babies are different, but one thing I will say is I never woke them for a feed during the night.
You sound like you're doing great don't worry smile

fruityb Thu 15-Sep-16 20:05:49

Thank you smile I am trying to keep things light or dark for night and day and changing his clothes and such. He's had a good day to be honest I really can't complain at all. It's all so new to me and I just wondered if it was all just about sleep and when the next one was coming!

He wakes up for a feed anywhere between three and five and generally has it and goes back down again. If he necks his bottle I do tend to breastfeed to settle him which MW said was fine to do. I think it's becoming a case of just sleeping when he does at the moment. Last night I took him up to bed at 10 when he fell asleep so that I could go to bed for a bit too!

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