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Extreme weight loss 8 month old - Please Help!

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user1473906435 Thu 15-Sep-16 04:01:57

My daughter who's been doing really well, has suddenly dropped a lot of weight. I'm still breastfeeding her. I started weaning her at six month. She doesn't eat her solids. I've been told not to worry.... We've tried pureed foods, baby-led-weaning, mixing pureed food with milk, diluting it with milk to the point where she's able to drink it from a beaker (but she wont). She happy chew on food. Take it into her hands, bite a bit off, but then she'll always, always spit it out.

She takes six milk feeds on average at night. During the day she doesn't drink quite as well as she's merely distracted ( even in a room with nothing but four white walls, a chair, me and her).

I's say that generally she seems well and happy. I was so shocked to here that her weight, which has always gone steady has dropped far below the line. I'm devastated and don't know what to do anymore. HV told me not to worry. Just to keep going, or maybe it could be teeth. That's no consolation to me at all!

I've tried baby rice too. I like giving her pureed food cause it sticks and is harder for her to push out of her mouth. Every once in a while she might inadvertently swallow a bite, but I wouldn't call that eating. I always eat with her.

Please help me out. I seriously feel like force-feeding her now (meant in the most non-abusive way imaginable) haha! She HAS to ain weight, please advise. Thanks a million!

LuchiMangsho Thu 15-Sep-16 04:10:38

I would top up with milk. Please don't give her more solids. When they are under a year their body cannot process a lot of the calories from the solids. I would significantly up how much milk she is having if you want her to put on weight. Maybe feed in a dark room/lying down if she is distracted.
But don't substitute solid food for milk till she is at least one. Baby rice etc makes the tummy full but is much lower in calories.

Superstar90 Thu 15-Sep-16 04:15:59

That's hard. First thing is really try not to worry (tho it's impossible not to I know). The more you stress the more of an 'issue' it will become and baby will pick up on that and it will make matters worse. Continue to offer her the right solids at the right times and if she doesn't eat them then there's nothing more you can do. Do stick to high calorie solids where you can like cheesy things, porridge, full fat yogurt etc. Some babies just aren't ready for solids until a later age. My dd1 used to just play with food and barely took anything in until about 10 months.
Secondly continue to offer as much milk as possible 'food is for fun until they are one etc'. She will be getting most of her nutrition from milk still at this age and if you are breastfeeding you can be confident she's got a perfectly balanced diet going into her.
Thirdly - then see if there is a reason behind the weight loss (there might not be). At 8 months has she just started crawling or being more active and therefore burning off calories? Also do investigate allergy or other issues with your gp if her weight continues to drop.
Stay strong and remember you are doing what you can xx

InTheDessert Thu 15-Sep-16 04:32:56

Has she actually lost weight, or has she only gained a small amount, so has dropped off her previous centile line?

The first is more serious, but in both cases, milk is the best thing for her. Keep feeding milk. Can you try going somewhere quiet during the day - her room, perhaps - to get a feed into her. Yes, keep offering food, but focus on the milk.

Mangowa Thu 15-Sep-16 04:39:39

Thank you so much Superstar90 and LuchiMansho at 3.15am! I didn't know baby rice is low in calories. I mix it with breast milk. I offer solids twice a day. HV told me to increase it to three times. I'm back in that same uncomfortable place I was when she was a newborn - is my milk enough? Thanks again!

Superstar90 Thu 15-Sep-16 04:53:30

Yes don't doubt- formula fed babies do tend to take to solids quicker from what I've seen. Your milk is enough. Personaly i wouldn't bother offering another solid meal until she's taking a decent amount at the mealtimes you are doing - just more faff and stress.

Mangowa Thu 15-Sep-16 05:02:49

Thanks InTheDessert. She has only gained a tiny amount.

InTheDessert Thu 15-Sep-16 05:15:01

But she gained!!! So she is eating, and growing. OK, slower than that line on the chart, but she is growing. Keep up with the milk, keep offering solids, but don't stress if she doesn't want them, and let her grow at her own rate, rather than the average weight - after all, she isn't average, she's your amazing daughter.

Sootica Thu 15-Sep-16 05:39:38

So that's NOT a weight loss AT ALL that's just a slowing of growth !!!
Babies don't always follow a line
I didn't get my second two children weighed at all
Is she happy and active in herself ?
The slowing of growth may just be because you have started solids and she has got more active (crawling?)
IME it's totally normal for them to stop being such chubsters at this age
I'd stop going to the HV and trust your instincts

ODog Thu 15-Sep-16 07:12:40

As long as she's gaining she's probably fine. DS went from eating barely any solids to wolfing food down basically overnight. He was about 9mo. Dropping a line is no big deal.

Cranb0rne Thu 15-Sep-16 09:31:26

Please don't force feed. My sister in law does it and it's very distressing to watch.

Mangowa Thu 15-Sep-16 12:37:14

Thank you all! Yes she is happy and very active. Cranb0rne, don't worry, I don't really want to force feed her. It's just how I feel sometimes, but I don't want to project my frustrations onto my angel. I really need to stop obsessing over numbers and lines. She's a happy, healthy baby otherwise. Lesson learned! Thanks again mommies!

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