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3 week old colic, reflux or just over tired?

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kiki22 Tue 13-Sep-16 21:13:30

Ds2 3 weeks today seems to be having some issues I'm not quite sure what it is. HV went straight to colic however I'm not so sure as he doesn't cry much. I will list the symptoms and hopefully someone can help with opinions. A friend thinks it sounds like silent reflux which her daughter had I'm wondering if he's just awake to long and over tired as he currently only has 2 spells of being awake lasting 2/3 hours each. Here are the symptoms

-Fussing with bottles more so in the evening and early hour seems to be ok early morning onward.
-Suddenly crying out when he had been asleep
-Struggling to fall asleep in the evening falling over then waking for about an hour before finally staying asleep
- hicups lots in the evening
- crying before farting
- all poop is farted out explosive style but going 2/3 times a day
- coming off his bottle lots as if it pain squirming, arching his back, going poker straight and pulling his legs up but going back for it moments later obviously hungry.
- vomiting this has only happened 6 times in 2 weeks but he is upset for a while brings up what I would say is about 5 oz of milk then is happy and looking for a bottle

He is taking about 7/8 bottles a day every 2/3 hours anything between 3-5oz and sleeps ok at night though he seems to be bothered sometimes and fusses. He can be soothed and distracted for short spells but ends up back to fussing.

Heirhelp Tue 13-Sep-16 21:18:17

The last two points sound like it could be reflux. The rest just sound like the standard immature digestive system.

What have you tried so far to deal with it?

kiki22 Tue 13-Sep-16 21:36:36

So far I have tried switching formula which made him very sick so went back to sma and anti colic bottles and dentinox for his wind which has sorted out the problem.

I have always suffered digestive problems and ds1 had lots of digestive problems as a baby I dont know if I'm being over cautious because we have a family history of it.

Heirhelp Tue 13-Sep-16 23:30:08

You said the problem is sorted, is it still a problem? Most babies have reflux to some extent.

For colic and general digestive discomfort you can try anti colic massage. Try YouTube video from the north east sling library. You can raise the head end of cot to help with reflux and also hold baby upright for half an hour after each feed.

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