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How much time do you spend "doing things" with your 7-8 year old?

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BertieBotts Mon 12-Sep-16 09:35:14

And also what kind of things do they/you like doing together?

Also including eating together and any bedtime routines.

I don't think I do enough with mine. I'm interested to see what's typical.

InTheDessert Mon 12-Sep-16 10:32:31

Not all in one day, but DS1 likes cooking with me, will help me with kitchen and cleaning jobs. We go swimming a couple of times a week, and I quite often get involved with several kids in the pool.
Eat breakfast and dinner together. Lunch at weekends. DH and I share bedtime - switching child each night.
Also homework sad.
When it's cooler (40 here today) we would go to the park rather than swim after school.
The kids come shopping with us at the weekend, and are involved in choosing stuff.
I get loads of random requests for cuddles or tickles over a day.
I guess we don't do much playing together tho if that's what your asking. Just make more effort to.

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