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Forces Wives would you like our own heading. Sign up here.

(72 Posts)
shosha Sat 03-Feb-07 09:13:22

Message withdrawn

munz Sat 03-Feb-07 09:35:22

yes I would do, would be cool. could also be for parents who's DC's are in or wanting to go in etc so if we can help give honest advice on what it's like for the DC's as well - I find that a lot of the time the recruitment office etc gloss over what it's really like.

shosha Sat 03-Feb-07 11:02:32

Message withdrawn

McDreamy Sat 03-Feb-07 11:06:28

yes please I'd like that too

JillybeansNW Sat 03-Feb-07 15:51:46

Yes - me too, as I am both partner to current RAF and parent of potential RAF...

McDreamy Sat 03-Feb-07 16:01:00

oooh good idea Munz I can tell potential recruits what it's like to be in the forces and to be married to it too - very different experineces!! You're right about the recruiting offices they do gloss over alot!

BellaLasagne Sat 03-Feb-07 16:22:09

I'll sign up here too, as I said on teh original thread, I really think it would help you guys who are dealing with all the cr** that I used to deal with.

Is someone asking AFF Journal to publish something about this? I used to be an AFF rep and I'm sure they would be positive about this.

Good luck shosha, and well done for taking the lead

BellaLasagne Sat 03-Feb-07 16:23:17

P.S. My DH has just left the Army after 20 years.

frenziednester Sat 03-Feb-07 16:27:11

yes, I'm going to e-mail aff this weekend and get them to have a look at this - there is also a website called, but I've had a quick browse and I think our idea is better, more accessible and more varied.

3andnomore Sat 03-Feb-07 16:33:47

Sounds a good plan to have a subcategory

booradley Sat 03-Feb-07 17:29:02

me please - raf posting widow, dh came home mon luch to say sorry, just off to warton for the rest of the week. Lovely! Can't wait to explain that to dd (5 mths).

booradley Sat 03-Feb-07 17:30:01

Deep breath

I mean when she's older . . . - large glass of wine whilst watching the rugby

McDreamy Sat 03-Feb-07 17:31:49

ooohhh we've all been there - how bloody frustrating!!! Can I join you with that glass - I've had a crap day!!!

booradley Sat 03-Feb-07 17:39:58

red or white?

McDreamy Sat 03-Feb-07 17:44:00

def red

booradley Sat 03-Feb-07 17:50:57

Glass of Shiraz coming up!!

McDreamy Sat 03-Feb-07 17:53:08

ooohh thank you

FluffyMummy123 Sat 03-Feb-07 17:53:33

Message withdrawn

JillybeansNW Sat 03-Feb-07 17:53:43

Ohhhhhh - any chance of a GnT (Big one!)?

JillybeansNW Sat 03-Feb-07 17:54:45

Hey - the Cod has found us Now it could get messy (the typing will anyway )

McDreamy Sat 03-Feb-07 17:55:12

if you want one cod!

Scootergirl Sat 03-Feb-07 17:57:09

Add my vote!
And I'm sure wives of stockbrokers are at liberty to request their own board... as soon as they are left on their own for six months while their LOs risk their lives to fight for their countries.

frenziednester Sat 03-Feb-07 18:04:53

what's wrong with having an anonymous whinge, icod? Might be just the pressure valve some of us need to keep going. And, last time I surfed, there are lots of whingey threads on MN.

frenziednester Sat 03-Feb-07 18:06:22

Ps, I want a large g+T too, but as I'm still up the flipping duff (will this pg never end), I'll have to have yet another bottle of Warsteiner alkoholfrei (the ONLY good thing about being alone in Deutchsland while pg with 2 toddlers...!)

saltire Sat 03-Feb-07 18:36:07

I have added my vote. Anyone seen this

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