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Partial Nightweaning. Advice!

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JeanLouise123 Sun 11-Sep-16 22:02:06

I have a gorgeous and healthy 8 month old who I adore, but the night wakings are currently killing me.

Breastfed baby who wakes EVERY BLOODY HOUR. If I'm lucky, I'll get 2 hours when first put down at 8pm-ish. I've tried co-sleeping and feeding on demand, have done pretty much for the last 3 months but it's not working for me. Until recently she woke every hour, finds boob, has a little suck, goes back to sleep (boob in mouth often). However I end up in awkward, very uncomfortable position which no matter how hard I try I cannot escape without waking the babe. Therefore, no sleep for me.

So this last week she's been put in the cot and is being fed every 3 hours. (roughly) 7:30, 11, 2, 5 and then I bring her in the bed for morning cuddles and as much milk as wanted. She can settle in the cot with a lot of comforting (cuddles, songs and stroking) but is still waking every hour. This is night 6.

I'm wanting to drop one of these feeds, probably the 2am one, in the hope that she'll sleep longer, and for my own sanity. I have had no supply issues, and the first two night feeds are big ones, the rest are comfort. I know she wakes and is expectat ing boob.

I just worry she's too young and it's a big change. But I'm so exhausted. Anybody been in the same boat. I really don't know what to do. I definitely don't want to do CIO but can't keep going like this.

Please heeeeeelllp!

Chattycat78 Mon 12-Sep-16 04:33:47

I have a (premature) 3 month old who wakes less frequently than that. It sounds like newborn feeding still which is tough for 8 straight months! I assume you're weaning too? How much does she eat?

If the feeding is comfort maybe you could give her something else in the cot she finds comforting- eg something (toy/Muslin) with your smell on it? You could also try replacing the feed with cooled boiled water and the idea is that she will lose interest if it's not milk and she's not hungry anyway. To be fair this one didn't work for me last time but I think it does for others!

SmallBee Mon 12-Sep-16 05:25:58

Are you on your own at night or do you have a partner to help?
If you have a partner I'd suggest you express into a bottle and get them to do all the night feeds for a few days. I'd also move to a different room so DD doesn't smell you and shout until she gets what she wants.

Babasaclover Mon 12-Sep-16 06:04:44

Does she have a dummy? Few sucks on that and mine is soundo

StillCantDecideOnaUsername Mon 12-Sep-16 10:07:27

Oh god, I feel your pain! I'm currently researching night weaning, as my nearly 10 month old (ff) baby is waking every 2-3 hours and I'm on my knees! I've just found this site and am making my way through all the info. Here's the page about gently night weaning for bf and ff babies. Going to give it a go tonight in conjunction with putting him down awake. Wish me luck!

JeanLouise123 Mon 12-Sep-16 12:23:11

Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately won't take a dummy or bottle, though haven't tried for a little while so might be worth another shot. Good idea about the object with my smell, she has a couple of soft toys she sleeps with in her cot, maybe I'll wear one for the day to infuse my scent on it lol.

Have a supportive partner who I've now started sending on the occasions I don't want to feed. The problem is she sometimes catches sight of me (having to share a room at the minute). I guess I need to improve my hiding skills!

Great site thanks still, I might have to try that method soon. Tbh last night was an actual improvement! Woke at 10pm, 12pm then 3am, when she just did not want to go down again in the cot and was wide awake. After it reached 4am I broke and fed her in the bed, commencing an unsettled rest of night for me. But it gave me hope!

Weaning is going well, sometimes she eats loads at meal times. Others not so much. Letting her lead that really. Definitely gets enough milk.

Thanks everyone! Fingers crossed for another small improvement tonight...

Artandco Mon 12-Sep-16 12:26:23

At that age I gave them a dream feed around 11pm, then didn't feed at any wakings until after 7am. Offered water on warm evenings.
If you are feeding on demand in the day they have plenty without being fed all night
As soon as I stopped feeding when they woke overnight they slept through. This was from 4 months also. So usually 11-8/8.30am sleep

golfmonkey Mon 12-Sep-16 13:13:53

I did this at 9 months with my eldest. Basically had 2 nights of hell but when she woke, either me or DH (actually, both) just cuddled her and comforted her while she was crying but didn't give milk. Knew she was getting enough food and milk in the day so decided it was time. She was down to 1-2 feeds though and was on formula in the day by then though bf at night. Slept through most nights (obviously plenty of off nights/weeks but the majority) since then (nearly 2!). Didn't leave her to cry at any point but used everything except breast to comfort (dummy, cuddles etc ).

waterrat Tue 13-Sep-16 21:15:20

I went through this.

these frequent feeds are actually just disrupting her ability to settle herself back to sleep in the night.

As soon as I stopped feeding at night so often my son literally immediately stopped waking
We picked a night and decided to do it...sent my husband in when ds woke . Husband sat and patted him sang to him etc but didn't pick him up. He cried for a while then fell asleep. Did that a couple of times then he slept for 7 hours !

waterrat Tue 13-Sep-16 21:16:46

Honestly she is not too young. She is feeding more than lots of newborns. Just decide to feed at bedtime then if you want to do a dream feed. Then try and get through to morning...5/6 am.....

It reallt does work !

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