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Toddler sleeping

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jpclarke Sat 10-Sep-16 15:23:55

My ds is 21 months old, I returned to work 2 weeks ago and he is still struggling to adjust. He has not been taking his naps regularly, and then very unsettled at night. So this week he slept one day for 45 mins and abother day for 30 mins and didn't sleep the other three days during the day. Like I said he is then tossing and turning at night and wants to literally be up on top of me when he stirs and is crying for mommy in his sleep. I still breastfeed him too if that has any relevance. Last night he fell asleep at 5pm and slept until 4am then woke for just over an hour and went back to sleep until 8am ( he normally wakes at 6am) now he is asleep again for over 2 hours. Should I be worried that in the last 24 hours he has slept so much? The reasonable part of me thinks no as he is just trying to make up for so much sleep but then I am doubting myself thinking maybe he is coming down with something. Any advice?

Coconut0il Sun 11-Sep-16 08:12:44

I would just do what you're doing and follow his lead. If he's sleeping, let him sleep. Hopefully he'll settle down to the new routine of you working quickly.

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