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Had to give my 6 year old DD deodorant

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sophree Fri 09-Sep-16 11:52:18

Is this the end of her childhood already?
Does it mean puberty is just around the corner?
I feel so sad for her. Do I prepare he for puberty now?

Highlove Fri 09-Sep-16 16:47:41

That's very early - you ought to take ger to the GP. Google precocious puberty.

Disclaimer: I know nothing about it other than what I've read here on MN!

gillybeanz Fri 09-Sep-16 16:50:50

I'd be worried too OP, is there a history of early puberty in your family?
You need to take her to gp asap, it really shouldn't be necessary for years yet.
My dd started at 9, but hasn't needed a deodorant until 12 and then it's more to smell nice rather than BO, so she sprays it on her clothes and uses one without aluminium, Mitchums I think.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Fri 09-Sep-16 16:53:01

Don't be over alarmed, kids often have a burst of hormones around this time and then nothing further. Lots of kids need a deodorant at 8ish without full blown puberty. Unless she's showing other symptoms I wouldn't worry.

Does she bath/ shower every day and have clean uniform every day?

secondhoneymoon Fri 09-Sep-16 16:55:52

I would have a chat with you GP, seems a bit too early to be needing deodorant.

Thethingswedoforlove Fri 09-Sep-16 17:22:39

My dd2 needed it not much later than that and is now 9 and isn't anywhere near beginning puberty.

MsWorthington Fri 09-Sep-16 17:27:50

I wouldn't worry too much, my DD has been needing deodorant since that age, she's nearly nine now and still no major signs of puberty.

I think some people are just more prone to BO than others, I'm one of them, I have to work quite hard not to smell and I suspect DD is following in my footsteps.

Ilikesweetpeas Fri 09-Sep-16 17:31:31

Another one saying don't worry is she has no other signs. My DD needed deodorant at just 7 but now at 9 has no other signs of puberty. We use a rock salt one with no chemicals and it's very effective

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