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Going out after 8 week injections

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bippitybopityboo Thu 08-Sep-16 08:38:41

My little boy has his 1st injections today sad
My family have organised a day out to sea side ans have asked us to go. I was wondering how your litthe ones were after their jabs and was you ok to go out with them or do you think it'll be best for us to stay home?
Just wanna do what's best for little one

Hamsolo Thu 08-Sep-16 08:46:58

She slept a lot. She had a temperature for about 12 hours after so needed calpol to bring it down (GP prescribed it as this is expected). If you're confident taking the baby out, and dosing the medication on the go then go for it! Especially if they're all keen to help you with the baby.

Twodogsandahooch Thu 08-Sep-16 08:53:20

I would go.

HandbagFan Thu 08-Sep-16 10:08:03

I would go. He was a bit grumbly which was helped by the calpol but it was otherwise a pretty normal day.

HandmaidsTail Thu 08-Sep-16 10:15:27

I would go, mine were both fine with a bit of Calpol and a nap.

ODog Thu 08-Sep-16 12:20:07

Definitely go. Take some Calpol and a sling with you if you have one. Worst ways you give a dose of Calpol and give baby a cuddle in a sling. The distraction will probably do you both good.

Lules Thu 08-Sep-16 12:24:31

Are the 8 weeks ones the one with the meningitis jab? If so, I can't be as positive as the others - mine screamed non stop for hours (normally very cheery),had a high temperature and his legs went bright red and very sore to touch. He was fine the next day though. My nephew was fine though. It really varies so play it by ear

Dixiechick17 Thu 08-Sep-16 12:32:47

They're all different. My DD was extremely grumpy after all her jabs, and we had to cancel plans each time.

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