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user1473246217 Wed 07-Sep-16 12:22:33


I am a father to a 4 year old girl with a contact order in place.
Myself and the mother unfortunately are not on good speaking terms.

My daughter is friendly with two female friends of mine and she always gives them a kiss goodbye and the other day whilst I was briefly away she would not for some reason give Pauline a kiss goodbye so Michelle said she always gives Pauline a big kiss which was when my daughter said "do you kiss between the legs"

Now I know in a domestic setting kids may see things which they sound not maybe see but even so I personally do not think a 4 year old girl should be saying things like this.

I haven't spoken to my daughter about this but I will do in a lightly manner.

I would like other parents opinions and what your views are before taking this matter further.

Fletchmayers Thu 08-Sep-16 18:11:59

My LO has to go in to hospital soon for a small procedure and an anastetic is required. She is 4yrs of age and I'm not sure when and what to tell her. Anyone got any advice?

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