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Cant cope with 2.5 year old

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badfurday Tue 06-Sep-16 08:38:01


I have a lovely happy little 2 and a half year old daughter who has turned into the devil over night!

She has become clingy and over sensitive about everything. The cat rubbed up against her the other day and she burst into tears saying outchy. Her sleep is awful too. She wakes up every hour screaming " I want my mummy!" My husband tries to comfort her but she point blank refuses to go to him.
We both work full time so the lack of sleep is really starting to affect us.
Last night I had to sleep in her room and shush her back to sleep every time she woke up. She finally woke up properly at 5am. When I tried to get into the shower this morning she went into the biggest meltdown. I asked her to stay in bed with Daddy and watch Cbeebies while I had a quick shower. Husband tried to comfort her but I could hear her screaming through the shower.

The only change I can think of in her routine is she is going in earlier now due to a change in my husbands job (7.30 instead of 9.30). The nursery are great and say she is a happy little thing and no problems.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Am I doing it all wrong? I feel like the worst mum in the world.
I had to walk our of the shops yesterday because she went into full on meltdown, I had to hold back the tears.

thescruffiestgiantintown Thu 08-Sep-16 00:17:45

My group of Mum friends all noticed that our kids became much trickier at 2.5. So I don't know if that's what's going on here or it's something else, but if it is just an age thing, I've found Janet Lansbury's writing and podcasts absolutely brilliant.
With the sleep we just co sleep when DD is getting upset in the night.

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