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Help - non sleeping 3 year old

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Ilovecake73 Mon 05-Sep-16 08:26:07

Our bright and lively dd has just turned three and has potty trained, got a big bed and started school (pre-school) all in the same month...
Subsequently her sleep has gone out the window. She will nap in the car but not at home even if/ when shattered. She just says she is not tired and doesn't need to sleep.
Bedtime is a disaster. She stalls for hours... Gets out of bed and changes her clothes, blanket etc then comes downstairs to find us. She is scared of monsters and chickens (we have noisy ones opposite) ... And last night she was up for two hours in the middle of the night! she won't fall asleep unless I sit with her and needless to say we are all shattered!
I've tried not talking and putting her back into bed but she won't stay put and then gets hysterical and wakes the one year old. Am I insane to entertain putting them in the same room for company?!
Sorry for the ramble but I'm sooo tired and completely out of ideas and patience...

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