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Non bio dad on birth certificate?

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babyboy2015 Mon 05-Sep-16 01:13:38

Hi just a question here. 

I have a 9 month old baby boy. His biological father has never been involved since before he was born. 

My boyfriend, who is basically his dad and loves him unconditionally as his own (he's never seen him as not being his), and I have been together from the time I found out I was pregnant. 

When I was registering my son I only put down my name as parent and left the father part blank. 

My boyfriend has been asking to be put down as the father. Also when our son is older we don't want him looking at the birth certificate that's not got his fathers name on. 

Is it ok for us to put my boyfriends name down?  

Thanks xx

OlennasWimple Mon 05-Sep-16 01:16:31

No - your BF needs to adopt your son in order to be named on the birth certificate. There's a legal process to go through to make this happen, including asking your son's bio father whether he agrees to this.

babyboy2015 Mon 05-Sep-16 01:20:41

Ok but his bio dads never been involved and doesn't want to be. I though that would be different. Maybe not.

PurpleDaisies Mon 05-Sep-16 01:25:01

Your boyfriend isn't his biological father though. What happens if you split up? How long have you been together?

olenna is right, he can legally obtain parental responsibility for your son by adopting him but you can't just put him on the birth certificate.

JigglypuffsCaptor Mon 05-Sep-16 01:27:45

Legally no, the biological father should go on the birth certificate or not at all. If a step father wishes to have parental rights he must formally adopt the child, with consent of the named/known parents.

If you are asking should you be deceitful and lie to the registry office so that your boyfriend can be registered as this child's biological father? It's tempting, I can imagine, but morally and legally its wrong to do so.

Canyouforgiveher Mon 05-Sep-16 01:27:55

apart from the legalities etc., your son needs to know who his biological father is - for medical reasons if for no others. If you put another man on the birth certificate and then don't tell your son the full truth of his birth you run the risk of him sitting in a doctor's office in 30 years saying "no, no history of heart disease at all" or whatever when that may not be the case. Saying "I don't know about my father's side" is safer.

Alisvolatpropiis Mon 05-Sep-16 01:36:50

You need to go through the proper channels if your boyfriend wishes to have parental responsibility for your son.

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