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Have any of you mum's been sterilised?

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uhoh2016 Sat 03-Sep-16 08:35:17

I'm due to be sterilised next month and I'm wondering what to expect.
Did you bleed vaginally afterwards? I know it's done key hole under the belly button so not sure why I think I'll bleed.
How long after did you have a period?
How long after did you have sex?
What was the recovery like? It says 48hrs but is this just because of the after effects of the anaesthetic or is it painful to move etc.
I know I don't want any more children for all the practical reasons such as finances and nowhere to put another one ( already got 3 kids in a 2 bed house) plus I struggle to cope already as it is another baby would have me sectioned for sure, but is it normal to feel sad that my pregnancy/ new born days are over?

Iwishicouldflyfarfaraway Sat 03-Sep-16 08:49:20

I was sterilised last year , on the day the surgeon/gynaecologist came round to have a chat & seemed to be trying to get me change my mind! There might be vaginal bleeding as they use a speculum type instrument to tilt your womb. Recovery was fairly quick , I was quite sleepy for the following 24hrs ( think it was a combination of the anaesthetic , painkillers & a non sleeping 4 month old! ) I don't think I was allowed to drive for 48hrs , and it was a bit sore for a few days but nothing the painkillers couldn't cope with.
Period I think would depend on where you are in your cycle & your current contraception .

uhoh2016 Sat 03-Sep-16 09:02:50

I'm on the mini pill at the minute so don't have any periods at all

Iwishicouldflyfarfaraway Sat 03-Sep-16 09:53:34

I was on the mini pill as well , but i kept having breakthrough bleeding!! I was able to stop taking it on the day of the op & then I think it was almost a month after my op I had my first period, I was really paranoid that first month as went from almost constant bleeding thanks to the mini pill to 3 weeks without anything!!

Oblomov16 Sat 03-Sep-16 10:02:49

Some painkillers and taking it gently for at least 3 days. I went to bed for the first day. I was a bit more sore than I expected to be. I felt like I had been partly beaten up, like someone had been in my body and rummaged around really severely, as if leaving all of my organs from my neck to my hips, in the wrong place!! I know that sounds silly, but I supposed they had been inside me, moving me all around.

Within a few days, almost back to normal. But I was just a tiny bit more gentle with myself for the first week.

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