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DS (9) has started saying he is 'ugly'

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MrsSeanBeanIsAtWork Thu 01-Sep-16 13:44:56

This is freaking me out as I was bullied when 11/12 with other girls telling me I was ugly. I have reassured him he is not, but do worry what is prompting this.

He chooses his own clothes / hairstyles etc (something my mother would never allow me to do hence I was a spotty/ frizzy / frumpy sight)... He assures me he is not being bullied and no-one has said he is ugly. He is happy at school and has plenty of lovely friends.

(I wonder if he's ever heard me remarking on the fact that I was told this when younger.... or is it some kind of weird genetic inherited trait...due to the fact I worried about this a lot in my younger teens??)

Any advice, any other thoughts, does anyone else have any experience of DCs saying this?

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