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Should I break the magic spell??

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Kathysclown Thu 01-Sep-16 12:34:23

My DD is 7, and I think probably quite 'young' for her age. She has a very strong belief that fairies are real, she has a 'fairy door' in her room (small wooden door that she believes is the entrance to a fairy house), and she regularly writes messages to her fairy, which are sometimes replied to (I try and disguise my head writing!). She has had several friends in the past who have shared her belief and they have built fantasy lives for their fairy community - it was lovely to see....... (It goes without saying that she also still believes in Santa).

However, we have recently moved areas, and she will be starting a new school next week. She had a playdate earlier this week with a newish friend - a lovely girl, but she doesn't believe that fairies are real, and she was very dismissive of DDs door and make believe fairy world. This has disturbed my DD, and she wrote her fairy a note last night, and I replied. This resulted in a heat felt discussion with my DD this morning along the lines of 'see - I knew they were real, I am so happy!'.........

I obviously know that the time will come when she realises that it isn't true. I am now wondering if I should break it to her that it isn't true, that I've been writing the letters etc? I am worried that she might get laughed at in her new class if she is is actually a little 'behind' other children in these kind of ideas? Might it be easier to hear it coming from me, rather than for her to be embarrassed in front of new friends? Equally, I don't want to break the magic spell sooner than needed, as she does love the ideas so much.

Thoughts and experiences o this kind of thing, please?

user1471552005 Thu 01-Sep-16 12:43:40

I think it's more to do with the bad attitude of the friend rather that your daughter's belief in fairies.

I too have a magic door- a goblin door , my goblin helps me find things.

Like with Santa Claus when my kids would question whether santa or my goblin is real I would say someting like " Yes, in the wonderful world of imagination" or they life in a fantasy.
I have known many small kids who would be enchanted by your daughter's interest in fairies, and although they didn't believe would be happy to life in the lovely world or reality and make believe that children inhabit.

Now my daughter is 16 we still do the Santa magic, she still puts a biscuit outside the goblin door if she has lost something, even my OH has been known to put some chocolate at the goblins door when he has lost his car keys.

I would have a discussion about how others may not share the same views, but how important her fantasy world is to her. I think the two ideas can live happily side by side.

The "idea" of fairies, goblins or Santa can never be broken.

Kathysclown Thu 01-Sep-16 19:08:39

Thanks for replying.....

BestBeastie Fri 02-Sep-16 13:18:29

If it was me I would send DD a fairy letter, explaining that now she's 7 it's time to use her imagination to see the fairies. And that her mum and her friends can join in and help play with them but some people might not have the same imagination to see them - and that's ok.
I do think it might be time to break the spell.
And we all know that we can't say fairies don't exist!!! (Has she read Peter Pan?)

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