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Nearly 9 yo dd - are they all this miserable and uncompromising?

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2ndSopranosRule Thu 01-Sep-16 08:57:37

We've had a somewhat frustrating summer.

Dd1 is a few weeks of 9 and is doing a very fine job of completely sucking the joy out of family life.

She doesn't want to do anything. I'm not talking about a full six weeks of big outings and activities, whatever we plan to do gets a no and a load of moaning.

Park = no
Cinema = no
Crafts = no
Swimming = no
Staying at home and doing nothing = no
Museum = no
Walk = no
Staying at home and doing nothing = no
Playing in the garden = no
Playing with her sister = no

No point in attempting to do anything as the attitude, moaning and miserable face ruins it for everyone. So it's a vicious cycle.

Moaning like there's no tomorrow about school on Monday.

Are they all like this?

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