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living with grandparent

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jar101 Tue 30-Aug-16 23:45:31

My mother and life is becoming extremely hard she argues in front of my daughter shouts swears ect sometimes she is good with her i won't lie but I'm frightened this will change as she grows up ?? but she behaves like a baby if there is a disagreement -we have a difficult relationship to a
Say the least she used to be violent to me as a child to the point were there was broken bones but I guess I have never really managed to cut contact or truly get away from her, i did for a while but now no longer with my lo dad ive got no where to live - and yes she has taken me in but she basically wants to control every aspect of my daughter's upbringing and I'm not strong enough to stand up to her I never will be ...I'm on the housing register but that doesn't look at all promising and all they can offer me is a hostel which is filled with drug addicts and various other goings on // I continue to try and win her approval but it always comes back on me... I dunno what to do anymore as I don't want my 4month old growing up experiencing the same things I did at the same time i can't have her in another dangerous environment in a council hostel sad(

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