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Feel like I'm losing the plot!!!

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HollyBon Mon 29-Aug-16 21:20:16

my son is almost 8 and to be fair and blunt to the point,his a total pain in the butt! Constantly answers back,has attitude,calls my name about a trillion times an hour. Im literally at my wits end! Ive tried taking items away eg x box and his just not bothered. Am I the only mum that feels like an absolute failure?

Toofondofcake Mon 29-Aug-16 21:24:38

You're not a shit mum. But I get that it's really easy to feel that way sometimes. My almost two year old is a major tantrum thrower, hitter, screamer, whinger. I obviously love and adore her but each and every day she tests me to extremes and sometimes I feel like a shit mum for not having a sweet polite kid who eats vegetables and doesn't giggle in delight when kicking mummy in the face.

I'm sure there are good moments with him that keep you going? Also to him you're his world and the best mum ever. He loves you unconditionally even when he is a pain in the arse whinge bag wink

HollyBon Mon 29-Aug-16 21:33:41

Thank you x i have two much older daughters,they were great kids, ive often thought that it's cos his on his own so to speak,12 year age gap! Christ knows what I was thinking! Wouldn't change him for the world,just his behaviour! Absolute bloody nightmare from the moment he wakes till the minute bedtime comes. It can be so embarrassing sometimes,when friends visit etc. Id never talk to my mum the way he talks back at me,it's honestly appalling! Im counting down the days he goes back to school just so I can get a full 6 hrs bloody peace and tranquility! Ive took him here there and everywhere this holiday,you know days out,picnic etc and his never satisfied or even grateful,really don't know why I bother.

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