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Cotton duvets for children a must?

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williwonti Mon 29-Aug-16 14:09:26

I know this sounds a bit dense but why are some duvet covers not 100% cotton? Is 100% best overall as more breathable and natural? Or is a polycotton/cotton cover ok or even better? Just buying new and not sure what reasons for either are. Seems to be no difference in price.

imwithspud Mon 29-Aug-16 16:32:56

I honestly couldn't tell you what my dd1's duvet sets are made of. She liked the design on them so I bought them for her. I didn't think it really mattered unless there were allergies etcconfused

IneedAdinosaurNickname Mon 29-Aug-16 16:34:50

Same as spud they picked designs/characters they liked and I bought them.

PitchFork Mon 29-Aug-16 16:36:17

always cotton here. bedding that can't be washed hot has no place in this world imo.

BikeRunSki Mon 29-Aug-16 16:36:57

Polycotton is significantly cheaper. I prefer cotton and will pay for it. DS doesn't care as lng as its hot Lego/trucks/fire engines on.

MajesticSeaFlapFlap Mon 29-Aug-16 16:37:32

Kids don't care what it's made of they only care what bright tacky character is on it.

skankingpiglet Tue 30-Aug-16 22:34:41

For her mattress and duvet I bought DD1 the same as I'd choose for myself: pocket sprung, feather. Decent stuff as it needs to last and perform. When it came to covers? As PPs, I bought in designs she wanted. I won't wet/throw up on my covers, nor will I grow out of the design so I bought myself something that's quality. DD1 got owls and butterflies, it never even crossed my mind what they were made of and having had them in my house for nearly a year now I still couldn't tell you without looking.

The only reason I can think of to fix a preference is ironing-based. Do you iron bed linen, and if you don't would wrinkled and creased linen make you twitch? In my case the answer is 'no' both times!

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