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Bath/shower fear

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BarryTheKestrel Mon 29-Aug-16 09:14:04

DD is 17 months and despite previously loving the bath or shower over the past 2 months or so she has become terrified of them. In the bath she won't sit, screams and tries to climb out at every opportunity to the point where we have had to start holding her in the shower to ensure she is clean and her hair can be washed. She screams all the way through this too.

However, take her to a swimming pool and she loves every second, including the shower afterwards. Put her in the paddling pool, absolutely loves it.

We have tried everything, different water temperature, different depths, lots of toys, no toys, bubbles, not washing her hair (as I first thought it was a fear of hair washing so just let her have a bath without trying to get her hair washed), a visor so no water goes on her face none of those has worked.

She has a LOT of hair, on quite tight ringlets, which after meals ends up with butter, cheese, pasta sauce, gravy, potato, yoghurt etc in it and it knots and matts easily so needs to be washed quite frequently as you can't brush it when it's dry.

Has anyone got any tips about how I can get her to enjoy bath/shower/hair wash time or just anything to make this easier?

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