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Mobile for 11 year old

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Bythebeach Sun 28-Aug-16 21:48:35

So 11 year old DS1 starts secondary school in one week and I am giving in and getting him a phone. Ideally an iPhone. Technology is not my thing. Any recommendations for robust phones, cheap kid-friendly contracts, or pay as you go would be very gratefully received.

Meadows76 Sun 28-Aug-16 22:38:33

Ask your 11 year old. Im Quite sure he will know exactly what he wants.

WeAllHaveWings Sun 28-Aug-16 22:48:33

Ds(12) has giff gaff which has various monthly tariffs, can change/cancel anytime and if they run out does t run up a huge bill.

I am also giff gaff and calls and text are free giff gaff to giff gaff so even if he does run out we are still in contact.

If this is his very first phone I'd get a cheapo one to see how responsible he is and save the iPhone for Xmas or a birthday.

wizzywig Sun 28-Aug-16 22:50:47

I was going to say giff gaff too. Or amazon seem to have a sale on smartphones (sim free). They are around £45

Jonso Sun 28-Aug-16 22:51:24

Third Giff gaff

UnicornMadeOfPinkGlitter Sun 28-Aug-16 22:51:28

Reconditioned iPhone 5c from eBay and Giffgaff pay as you go.
Up to you but personally I object to contract expensive phones (usually means expensive monthly cost as well) for teens /pre teens.

My 14yr old has an iPhone 5c and a £12 a month giff gaff sim. He's getting a reconditioned iPhone 6 for Christmas.

Bythebeach Sun 28-Aug-16 22:51:58

Thanks. Will look at giff gaff.

samlovesdilys Sun 28-Aug-16 22:52:36

Mine has a windows phone so I can set parental controls the same as his laptop...

PickAChew Sun 28-Aug-16 22:59:49

If "ideally" and iPhone then you don't ned recommendations because they're all stupidly expensive.

Giff Gaff god. Poor coverage where I live, and three's 123 PAYG is excellent.

Have just given 12yo my old motoG 2nd gen. The battery is a bit shot and it overheats rather easily. DH is getting one of these to try out for jogging. If it doesn't work out for him, he may get it unlocked fter the 1 month vodafone tie in expires and pass it onto him.

He's 11 and will probably leave it on a park bench. Don't be sucked in to "need an iPhone". At least make him prove himself with a cheap one, first.

PickAChew Sun 28-Aug-16 23:00:25

apologies for odd missing letters, there!

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