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Week 5 of school hols......the child dumping has begun.

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phoenix1973 Sun 28-Aug-16 18:03:46

We were still home yesterday morning getting ready to nip out.
Doorbell rings, DD answers it. It's a classmate wanting to come in and play.
They are both 9. They are not close as the girl and mum is a chancer and have let my DD down so we haven't had her round since last sept or made contact.
The girl said to my DD "I bet you're wondering where my mum is"
DD said yep.
Her mum was at home 2 miles away after arriving at the airport and getting home then telling her child to go and knock on my door.
No phone call, no text, no email, nothing.
We were going out so told her she couldn't come in. So off she went to the shops.
Incidentally, she has walked from home to school for years and we live next to the school. So she's confident in navigation.
I'm just shocked that her mum would send her such s distance on her own without knowing if a: anyone is home and b: if it's ok!
Never got a call to check she got here or anything.
This woman is the type who constantly promised play dates and canx at last minute. Her DD was also demented at DD party so won't be invited again. Her mum also arrived 20 mins late after party- despite living in spitting distance from venue and driving to collect her DD. 😟😒
Is that weird or has similar happened to you?

MoonHare Sun 28-Aug-16 20:17:52

If the girl was telling the truth then it sounds like neglectful parenting. Why didn't you contact the mum to let her know you were on your way out and couldn't let her in or drive her home on your way?

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