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My dd seems to have forgotten how to sleep

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AWishandADream Sun 28-Aug-16 09:22:13

Up until a few weeks ago DD (14months) was a fantastic sleeper, even when ill or teething she'd still sleep 7pm-6am.

All of a sudden it's like having a newborn again, she's waking every 2-3hours, won't nap at all in the day and think it's funny when we say "sleep time now".

We have a good routine, that starts at 6.30pm; bath, book with bottle of milk, bed. She has the same blanket, pillow and soft toy every night. The only thing that changes is the dummy, which is always the same style (orthodontic). She has a blackout blind on her bedroom window.

I'm at a loss of what to do, she screams and screams until she's sick then screams more. She's happy when not in her cot. She's not off her food or anything, and seems quite happy in herself. She just will not sleep. She's the same in her pushchair, were she used to nap happily if we weren't home, but now just screams.

I'm struggling alone as DH won't get up before 8am due to getting home from work at midnight, and shes often starting the day at 5am. I'm exhausted. I thought she'd sleep more once she was walking not less.

Any suggestions?

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