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Is DD ready for pre-school?

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tryhard Sun 28-Aug-16 08:57:37

She's 2.8. The pre-school say they need to be out of nappies/pull ups and although not completely dry she has done well over the summer & would probably crack potty training with the added encouragement of copying her peers. She loves other children, is excited about starting school etc. But she seems such a baby still (to me). She's still prone to tantrums, caused in part by the fact that she doesn't talk as well as her sister did at the same age. I'm unsure about sending her in not completely dry (though she'd only be doing 3.5 hours for 3 mornings initially) and I'm not sure if she's ready or if it's just me babying her?! I know she'd love it, the social interaction, stories and play etc. but if I start her at pre-school now, she'll have 2 years of pre-school before she starts Reception. Any thoughts?

Andromache77 Sun 28-Aug-16 09:25:54

I would do it, but first I would find out how the school handles "incidents" because there may be some, at least at first and quite frankly, it's normal at this stage.

I don't understand why they would insist on the children being 100% dry at this age, when it's precisely the age at which most get potty trained and it all depends on the child's personal development stage, which varies wildly. A six year old still in nappies is unacceptable, except of course if there is a diagnosed medical condition, but your child is well within normal parameters.

And yes, no matter their age you will still feel wobbly about sending them in but they will absolutely love it and thrive (and after the first days you will also enjoy having some spare time).

neversleepagain Sun 28-Aug-16 17:01:42

My twins started preschool at 3.3, i didnt think they were ready but they were and love it!

They only did 5 hours for the first 7 months but will be doing the full 15 hours from September. They are as excited as I am smile

tryhard Mon 29-Aug-16 09:47:06

I think it's cos I'm comparing her to her sister, who was taking really well at this age. She loves other kids & is very involved in the school life already cos of doing the school run with my eldest every day. I suppose in hesitating because she doesn't need to go yet, I think most people wait until they're 3. I don't even know if the pre-school will allow a post-half term or Xmas start.

ACubed Tue 30-Aug-16 19:18:33

Would a day nursery be better perhaps? That way there would be plenty of other children mastering toilet training, and staff will help with communication / tantrums. Not saying staff at the school wouldn't of course.

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