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Getting 3yo off bottles at night!!

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YoungGiftedwithflab32 Sun 28-Aug-16 01:38:19

My 3yo ds still drinks bottles of milk/SF juice at night, I want to stop this so he an I sleep better and for potty training reasons.

He falls asleep with a bottle of milk then he will wake regularly for a bottle of juice, its been like this for about 2 years and it's the only way he seems to sleep for me, also a comfort thing. Sometimes he will wake just once or twice but some nights it can be up to 8 times in a single night (exhausting).
I really want to start potty training him now but feel he doesn't fully understand when I explain things to him ( I.e. your a big boy now so no more nappies its time to wee on the potty and wear big boy pants)

Any ideas how to get the bottles off him at night as I think this is the way to start , please correct me if I'm wrong. Any advice, tips and tricks welcome.

And I know how bad it is for their teeth having bottles, bottles of milk/juice at night, but for a child that hasn't had a full night's sleep for all his life I tried anything just to get a couple of hours sleep myself. Selfish I know! But I'm exhausted blush
He doesn't have a bottle during the day it is really only for sleep. And his teeth are brushed twice a day (he doesn't like it but they have to be done, and so far they are good teeth) and sees a dentist regularly.

Again any help welcome wink

GenghisCalm Sun 28-Aug-16 02:21:30

Start diluting the nighttime juice down each night until it is just water. Once it is plain water they will stop wanting it unless they are thirsty.

Thomasthetank456 Sun 28-Aug-16 02:29:50

Watching with interest I have a 2 1/2 year old who still has s bottle of milk at night and 1st thing when he wakes. It's a comfort thing at night don't know how to stop them. If I say your s big boy etc he replies with no I'm not can't win smile. He just to wake in the night for 1 too which he seems to have grown out of. I would do the same if it means better sleep for you x

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