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Do I keep asking....

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carmelsundae Sat 27-Aug-16 22:27:57

Been potty training my 2.6 year old since Monday, I'm not sure if it's going well or not!! First few days he had a few small accident, would start going and I would catch him, sit him on the potty and he'd finish his pee, then since about Thursday there's been no accidents, every pee has been in the potty, but I ask him constantly if he needs to go and if he hasn't been for a while, I will sit him on the potty and usually results in him doing a pee. So he is really yet to ask to go himself, and not actually initiating needing to go! Should I stop prompting him as much and see what happens!? If I do this, and he has accidents does this show he's not ready as not getting the feedback/awareness that he needs? I was off work last week and he's due back at nursery on Monday, I know they'll help but not have the staffing ratio to give him the attention and questioning that we give in the house. What do I do for the next few days with him?? Help please?!

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