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Small children later on in life

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bikerlou Sat 27-Aug-16 20:24:51

So here's a thing, my sister just had two kids at 48 naturally, how the hell is she going to cope with small children and the menopause as she is now starting it - I can tell as I've been there and turned into something out of the exorcist - although luckily I had my baby age 20 so he'd left home long before then.

Has anyone been through this?

corythatwas Sun 28-Aug-16 18:17:11

People are all different. We don't know your sister so we can't tell you.

Some have more energy in their late 40s than others in their mid-20s. Some hardly notice the menopause: I had no mood swings, no physical symptoms, no sudden sense of ageing or changing, and I am pretty sure that none of my colleagues or family could have told I was going through it.

Others actually feel more energetic after they've gone through it than they've ever done before: my dm did.

Some find small children exhausting, others not so much.

I wouldn't worry too much about it; just be prepared to lend a helping and non-judgmental hand as you would with any new mother in the family regardless of age.

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