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Model agency uk- scam !

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Laylay100 Thu 25-Aug-16 16:41:29

On Monday I went to take my son to w8 studios.
They say on their website they do not charge for joining. They fail to mention you cannot join without buying the 'copy rights' to the test shoot they do.
They then lie after and say you bought the portfolio off a different company and it has nothing to do with them.
Please do not use this company
Google model agency uk reviews
Awful people tried to intimate me outside their office when I warned mums about the scam. I managed to save 5 mums before they falsely called the police- who were very supportive of me and told me to seek advice from their fraud unit and these types of agency are everywhere and dodge the law by using a third party.
m0del agency or model agency - all the same. Please do not be fooled. A proper modelling agency will not take your money until they have secured you a job.
Awful people, no morals what so ever.
It's heart breaking to see kid being told they will defiantly be getting jobs if their parents pay out- only to be left without anything.
They are all over the uk so please remember a proper modelling agency will not ask you for hundreds of pounds and actually have companies they deal with (they couldn't name one).

Oliversmumsarmy Thu 25-Aug-16 17:01:11

just looked at their website. It does say they are not a model agency. From what I read they only do portfolio shoots.

Any usual child's model agency only ever want snaps of your child you have taken. Portfolio stuff is not necessary

Laylay100 Thu 25-Aug-16 17:16:43

Model agency uk is the same as the studio. They book you in there for a 'test shoot' which is free and then say you have to buy the copy rights to the photos in order to be accepted into their agency. It's all a scam.
model agency uk and mOdel agency are the same company operating at the same location.
I agree portfolio stuff is not necessary but they tell their clients it is in order to progress to their website.
All one big scam.

Oliversmumsarmy Thu 25-Aug-16 20:36:20

If you knew that a portfolio was not necessary then why even waste your time going. Dd and ds have been on agency books since a few weeks old. Any time when I came to look for a new agency, as they got older, I was asked for anything more than snap shots then I just didn't pursue.

Laylay100 Thu 25-Aug-16 21:11:26

Because I didn't know they were going to do before I went.

jennagreen123 Tue 06-Sep-16 15:31:20

I went there today it seemed legit

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