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First year of parenting

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shewhodareswins Thu 25-Aug-16 15:07:21

Hey hey.
I am new to all of this so please bare/bear ( always get that one confused ) with me. so my DS is almost a year old, pretty impressed I have survived it (so far) and for those conquering their first year...carry on doing what your doing, you're great and rocking it I am sure.
Anyway, so I was pretty prepared in terms of what to face after having a baby, done all my research, read all the tips BUT my god I was not prepared for the pressure on my relationship.
I love my partner, i love us, i love our great relationship..warts and all but jesus christ its the bickering..cant even tell you what starts it off half the time. i thought it would happen at the beginning but we was in bliss for the first few months, i thought 'hey this is a breeze' until the crawling started and returning to work, i am exhausted..anyway me and my partner, when were good were amazing but the constant bickering is wearing both of us down. so anyway, just after a bit of reassurance and a rant.. someone please tell me this is 'normal' because it is breaking my heart a little. I was so laid back before DS but I am worrying that I am becoming that overbearing girlfriend and I am going to push him away..the main source of our arguments is him going out.. we are 27 and have always been very social.. i think maybe I am lonely and resentful?
sorry for the rant.. i feel like im going crazy x x x

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