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234 routine

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Summerdays2014 Wed 24-Aug-16 19:07:37

Hi all, I really want to get my 7.5 month old son into some sort of routine. His naps currently only last 30 minutes (I rock him to sleep then put him in his cot) so I'm guessing he can't really do the 234 routine as he wont be having enough sleep during the day?

His nights are all over the place, sometimes he sleeps through, other times wakes but settles easily with dummy/patting, other nights he is up for hours or screaming or waking every 45 minutes. He won't go to sleep without being rocked/patted (even tried CC in desperation, but things just got worse...)

My husband has suggested that he needs less sleep during the day so he'll sleep better at night, not convinced by this at all, he has always had these 30 minute naps. I've tried bringing bedtime forward from 7 to 6.30 (tonight he was actually asleep by 6.15 because I couldn't take anymore of his whinging!) the first few nights after we started this he slept through, but he hasn't done since.

He has been so miserable the last few weeks, I did think he might be teething, though I have thought this for weeks. He also had a bought of diarrhoea which I though could be to blame. Now I'm wondering if he is just chronically over tired? Although he seems perfectly happy when we are out and he sees other people-they all comment on how happy he is. He just seems miserable at home and wants to to hold him and walk round with him or help him stand constantly, nothing else will do. I want my happy, smiley son back, not to feel like he doesn't like me anymore.

Ok, this has turned into a bit of a ramble and really it's not about the 234 routine anymore is it? Sorry... Any advice on any of what I've said would be much appreciated. Thanks

Bluecarrot Wed 24-Aug-16 19:16:15

never heard of 234 but I started a diary for my dd of food, naps, activities, dirty nappies etc and it helped me see a pattern!
Tbh, I find going with the flow significantly easier than trying to make a baby fit around my routine. ( over 1 is different)

Caterina99 Wed 24-Aug-16 19:46:41

234 worked well for us. After about a week of it his naps naturally started lengthening to 2x1.5 hours. Some days we had to do a third nap if the 2 naps were short. After a few weeks it settled down to a consistent routine and he slept much better at night too which I'm convinced was also a result of the routine (could be coincidence of course). This was around 7.5/8 months

Nottalotta Fri 26-Aug-16 22:30:59

234 wasn't for us. Ds never napped well, but never seemed particularly tired. I think he just needs less sleep than most. I concentrated on two naps a day, when he seemed to need them. This was more like 4/3/2 at your stage, and has gradually changed to 343 now, although I think we are in the process of dropping the second nap.

Better naps did result in better nights but it's slow progress. He's 13months now and wakes 1-2 times a night.

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