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grandma cut my daughter's hair without our permission

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roseteapot101 Wed 24-Aug-16 12:22:31

Hi my name is jo my daughter spent a week with her grandmother my other half's mother.She came back with cut hair much shorter.She did not ask either one of us.

I understand brushing a child's hair can be a pain but she did not ask.I liked it a bit long so that i could wet plait her hair at night.Keeping it knot free and hopefully free of lice.By plaiting it each day this prevented it becoming knotty.She even cut her fringe so now i cant plait it and it gets in her face.Now its nearly to short to plait which worrys me.Since i started wet plaiting my daughters hair for a year shes been lice free.Now it can come undone easily just before new term.

I feel really annoyed but i dont know how i should react to this

FruitCider Wed 24-Aug-16 12:24:22

I would be FURIOUS!!! Hope you have told her this is unacceptable behaviour on her part and that she is not to do it again?!?!?

skankingpiglet Wed 24-Aug-16 14:24:11

Yup, I'd be furious too. I think the 'stern word' needs to come from your OH though. He needs to explain it's not her decision to make and that it's never to happen again. Although it shouldn't be necessary to explain why you have chosen the style DD had, I would do that too, to help prevent the same issue in future.

How old is your DD? The only acceptable reason I could think of for her DGM's behaviour would be if DD had wanted it done. Her hair, her choice and all that...

toofarfromcivilisation Wed 24-Aug-16 14:27:15

It will grow. Choose your battles wisely. Bit miffed...yep that's OK, cross....probably pushing it....Furious....this won't go well & do you rely on the MIL looking after your daughter from time to time?

HoneyDragon Wed 24-Aug-16 14:31:41

Why do grandparents thing they have the right to do this?

If you walked up to another adult, or another adults child and cut their hair without consent would be classed as an assault.

You've more restraint than me op, I'd of gone nuts.

My friends MiL did this to her dgd. That was the last time she had her grandchild unsupervised.

HoneyDragon Wed 24-Aug-16 14:32:04

I'd have ... Sorry

Sirzy Wed 24-Aug-16 14:33:12

How old is she?

ThatsWotSheSaid Wed 24-Aug-16 14:35:26

Id have been very upset.
Is this a one off? Does she seem to respect your parenting choices in other areas?

Crystalline Wed 24-Aug-16 14:37:53

What does your daughter think about it? Is she happy?

roseteapot101 Wed 24-Aug-16 15:01:11

well firstly my other half is scared of his mother getting him to speak up to her is a problem.She is a judgemental person its for the most part not something positive she always nit picks at him leaving him with poor confidence.I think hes wanted to avoid speaking to her about it.

my daughter is 5 she could have long hair or short she would not really mind what she does mind is to much work on her hair.But with a tangle teezer and wet hair i can plait her hair in seconds flat.Causing minimal fuss.The problem now is it being short it comes undone very easily.Resulting in her hair getting knotty.

yeah we do need her help to look after her sometimes its a great help and i am not ungrateful for her care.Apart from the hair she does look after our daughter.She comes back from her happy and well looked after.

i just wish i understood her,.I tried to get to know her but all she does is make comments which just makes me want to avoid her

thus why i am really unsure

Cherrysoup Wed 24-Aug-16 15:54:39

Speak up, tell her it was unacceptable and you're very cross. Failing to speak up will mean she tramples all over your boundaries and you're making a rod for your own back if you don't say something now.

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