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2 DC's under 2

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yummymummy1920 Tue 23-Aug-16 10:41:51

How can I keep both kids entertained?
DSD(2) and DS(2months)
I'm tearing my hair out because if DS cries then DSD does too.
Any ideas are appreciated.

golfmonkey Tue 23-Aug-16 15:05:28

I find it difficult. Generally I put dc2 in a sling/carrier and entertain dc1, but now dc2 is 4 months that's a bit harder. I get dc1 to help with nappy changing etc. Dc1 (20months) isn't interested in tv atm but I'd use it if I could! Playgroups are good but again I have to supervise dc1 so dc2 just gets carted around. I tend to turn up as the first person and pay attention to dc2 for 20 mins before it gets too busy. Dc1 is quite clingy but likes smothering dc2 in kisses etc so dc2 gets some stimulation playing with dc1. I'd like to think that in a few months time they will entertain eaxh other more and in a year or so it'll be even better! Basically I am going to muddle through and hope that as time passed things get easier or I get into more of a groove I think.

feeona123 Fri 26-Aug-16 23:06:22

I found a good toddler group. Initially baby would sleep so had him in the sling a lot and just played with toddler.

Now baby is crawling so I have to keep them both happy!

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