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Just need a moan

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beginnersewer Tue 23-Aug-16 07:17:23

No need to respond, I know it's all first world problems and will sort itself out (esp when term starts again) but just needed to write it all down to stop me moaning at everyone in RL!

DS 2.5 yr old has spent two weeks completely exhausted and constantly whingy and whiny since we moved him into a bed. This has included lengthy battles to get him to sleep (longest was 2.5 hours).
I've had to stop him napping because the day he had a nap was the worst night's sleep, including a 4.30am wake up, but he's just permanently exhausted without the nap. He's normally quite a sunny little soul but the last two weeks everything has turned into a battle. We were very spoiled because from 6 months until we moved him out of the cot we could just put him in the cot at 7pm and shut the door and mostly we didn't hear from him until the morning, so it's been a bit of a shock to have to stay with him until he stays asleep. We can't put him back in his cot because the reason we moved him was because he broke his cot (jumping up and down on it).
I am also getting cabin fever because we had two days of isolation last week because he threw up (think he just overate but kept him at home in case), then this week he has an infection so today I have to deal with him by myself in the house all day again. Also I haven't been able to drive too far in the car in case he falls asleep and doesn't go to sleep in the evenings, so this has restricted our activities too.
Now he has antibiotics to take four times a day, which means I have to wake him up last thing to get the last dose in. I've only done 3 doses so far and it's been a major battle . I am going to phone the pharmacy this morning and see if I can mix it in anything to help get it down. I wouldn't be surprised if he's got this infection because he's run down from being tired - he's hardly ever been ill, never had an ear infection for example.

I'm sure it will all pass, and I know lots of people are in a worse situation, just needed a moan!

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