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Reasonable Access for father of 2 year old

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PrincessAmber Sun 21-Aug-16 16:49:35

What is reasonable access for a father of a 2 year old?
Going through a messy break up, resulting in myself and my daughter moving out of my ex's house.
He is a hands on dad
I am moving back to my old town, about 15 miles away, mainly so I'm close to family.
I work full time with set hours, his work is more flexible, self employed.

Just struggling to come to any reasonable agreement, he wants 50/50 access or more as her home is in his house, I'm the one who is having to move.
I'm not against 50/50 per say, bit struggling with the practicalities of it.
At present she goes to a private nursery in the village where he lives, but I won't be able to do the 30 mile round trip in the mornings with her before I go to work. Plus the cost of petrol alone would be too much.
I am literally having to start from scratch again, new house, no furniture, no financial help, so spending an additional £40 a week or so on petrol isn't an option.

Would it be too much upset for her to spend half the week at one nursery, and one parents house, then swap mid week? She has just turned 2.
We rely on full time childcare due to work commitments.

I was hoping that we could each have a day at the weekend, then have a few days each during the week.
Trying not to get lawyers involved, because at the minute we are still living under the 1 roof until I get accommodation sorted out.

Does anyone find a 50/50 split works well with a child so young??

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