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5 month old waking earlier for night feed

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Newfamily2014 Sun 21-Aug-16 04:31:28

My DC will be 5 months in two days time. He's ebf and a good size 18lb (8.2 kg) at last weigh in a few wks ago.

He's always slept well and until about a month ago took one feed over night. Now taking two and the first feed is getting earlier in the night so has to have a second feed to last).
He has his last feed of the day at about 7/7.30pm and tonight has woken at 0030 for a full feed and feeding again now.
He used to be able to last until 0300/0400 but not any more.
He's also sometimes not managing to last more than an hour or so between foods as hungry.
I have given him a little bit of baby porridge mixed with formula before his second nap of the day as he was waking during it hungry and now he doesn't.

Shall I wean him? Or shall I give some formula? Or something else??

whatifwearetheanswer Sun 21-Aug-16 09:49:38

My 5 month old is waking more often, I'm hoping its a phase.

I wouldn't say it's an indicator of a need to wean though!

My sympathies. It's almost worse then they have a good phase and go back to waking more isn't it!

Newfamily2014 Sun 21-Aug-16 19:05:13

It certainly is whatif. He used to wake once at 0400 for a feed them back to sleep u too 0730/0800 and now two wake ups with first creeping ever earlier :-(

What is your DC doing?

FireflyGirl Sun 21-Aug-16 19:40:52

Expect the unexpected. Motto of Oscars Wilde and parents everywhere!

Unfortunately, as soon as you feel settled into a routine, your DS will likely change it up. There's a lot going on in his little world.

He's probably having a massive growth spurt, and is hungry, hence needing more food. It's not necessarily a sign of a need to wean, or that there's anything 'wrong' with what you are feeding him now. He just needs more, however you give it to him.

whatifwearetheanswer Sun 21-Aug-16 21:31:29

OP my little boy is just completely random! Last week we were down to one night waking at 4/5 and then up at 7 and it was like heaven. Now that appears to have stopped again. It can be anywhere from once to 5 times really!

It is hard though, I find it really difficult sometimes. Im hoping weaning may make a difference but I'm gonna wait til 6 months cos I don't think he's ready.

Hope you have an okay night!

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