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Gift ideas to support newly diagnosed diabetic girl

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KittyCatKittyCat Fri 19-Aug-16 16:07:58

I'm looking for parents with experience. My goddaughter was just diagnosed as type 1 diabetic, and I'd like to get her something or a package of bits she might find useful. She's 10, and the family have experience of it, but I'd like these things to be just for her and how she can accept it and manage it in time. If any parents have any useful ideas or experience, I'd love to know. Thanks in advance, I might not be back on until my own kids are in bed.

olympicsrock Fri 19-Aug-16 16:20:38

How about a pretty box with things like note books a journal and different coloured pencils. She could use notebooks to record her blood sugars.

FarelyKnuts Fri 19-Aug-16 16:31:56

Those little tins for sweets and put in sugar free sweets.
Some different flavoured glucose tabs
A watch for keeping track of injection times
A notebook and pens for writing down sugar levels

KittyCatKittyCat Fri 19-Aug-16 16:32:08

That's the sort of thing, she's not a fan of writing but it could be just numbers? I'm not experienced with it myself. Is a bracelet for medics bonkers?

elderberryflower Fri 19-Aug-16 16:36:39

You can get silicone bracelets with type 1 diabetes alerts on in all sorts of colours. Smiggle pencil cases are popular to carry the blood glucose meter, strips, glucose tablets etc in. Or a small pretty backpack for when she's at school. If she's on a pump look for pump belts on the Funky Pumpers website. So sorry- type 1 diabetes is truly shit.

Jinglebells99 Fri 19-Aug-16 16:37:26

Does she have a pump? Think that's what's it's called. Anyway my friend's dd is diabetic and she has these handmade pretty bags that she wears round her neck and they hold her diabetic pump. I think she gets them from a Facebook seller. I guess if she's newly diagnosed then she may not be using a pump yet though.

siddis Fri 19-Aug-16 17:25:20

We use for pretty test kit pouches to hold insulin pens etc.

If she does get a pump, you can also get really handy waist pouches that are fairly discreet

Jellybean100 Fri 19-Aug-16 21:47:50

Medic alert do lovely bracelets. A very nice idea as a gift I think smile and will put her parents mind at ease too when she's out and about without them. X

KittyCatKittyCat Fri 19-Aug-16 22:27:32

Thank you everyone, I ran a few ideas by her mum and she said she'd love a bracelet for when she's out of sight. She seems to be coming home from hospital with a gazillion pens, shots and pouches! Hopefully she'll settle into it.
Thanks again,

Portabella24 Sat 20-Aug-16 11:49:28

Sorry - just seen this thread. My DS was 12 when diagnosed and he didn't want anything to do with T1D. He did appreciate his Smiggle case for his pens / hypo snacks but we got him some iTunes although looking back I'm not sure why we did that.
Please don't buy sugar free chocolate or sweets for T1Ds. You can eat anything with type 1 as long as you take enough insulin. A lovely friend of mine sent a 'diabetic hamper' and it all went in the bin as it actually contained more carbs than normal food and was full of artificial sweeteners.
I hope your god daughter as a good diabetic care nurse and it does seem overwhelming at first but now (9 montns since diagnosis) there are some days we don't even mention the d word.

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