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The DC going to the park on their own - what age?

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FrazzleRock Thu 18-Aug-16 11:18:59

We live in a friendly village and DS1 knows a lot of the children of his age, they all knock for eachother to go round to play footy on the field behind our house which has a play park too, it's one street away from us.

DS1 is 11 so is more than capable of going to the park by himself/with friends.
DS is 7 years old. Do you think he is too young to go round with the boys?
I don't feel terribly comfortable with it, even though he's very good and pretty sensible for a 7 year old. He's a bit of a bit of a clown though and has a tendancy to show off.
DP and I are working from home a lot over the summer hols. Though, if he waits until lunchtime I could probably take him out for a bit then. He's just so desperate to join in!

What age have you, or would you, let your DC out with their sightly older siblings?

FrazzleRock Thu 18-Aug-16 13:39:11

Ooohhh... Isn't it quiet here today....

Not to worry, I took him out for 20 mins and I went for a run round the field while he played. Two stones and all that.

Now back to work stuff.

TheWildRumpyPumpus Thu 18-Aug-16 14:01:56

My two, 6 and 8 go by themselves but we literally live next door to the park and I can see them from the garden and all the windows along that side of the house. We also have a gate from our garden into the park so they don't have to go out onto the roads at all.

We live in a small village too and you often see the kids rambling in small groups. School encourages them to come and leave by themselves from yr4 also.

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