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6 year old son

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Bedsheets4knickers Mon 15-Aug-16 20:31:03

I'm losing my grasp on him and it's going to end in tears probably mine :-(
He's rude , abusive , angry and undeterred . About 60/40 of the time .. Very strong willed little boy , very confident . He just point blanks tells me NO when he doesn't want to do what i ask . I'm so beaten down by him I just note it all until daddy gets home then role them off and let him
Deal with it . He's still got a handle on him .
I miss my son !!
How do I get back on track . How do I undo the power he has over me ?? I take away the things he enjoys but then he's bored . Aggressive to his little sister . Disruptive . He's like a adult . Was from a baby he wouldn't take part in silliness or fun . Just looked at me like I'm an idiot when I tried to make funny noises or play games with him .
Is this making sense I feel like ok rambling ??

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